Stony Brook Tour – Chelsea Elliot II

On Wednesday February 17th, we, the students of Chelsea Elliott II “I Have a Dream” Foundation, went on a college trip to StonyBrook University in Long Island. The campus was huge, and thanks to the sorority Lambda Theta Alpha, we managed to visit all the major buildings essential to college life. The Student Activities Center is where we started, which held a dining hall and places that hold student events. The library, of course, had over a million books and several resources to guide you through your college career. The Fitness and Recreation center proved to be very efficient with its amount of gym equipment, and the many dining halls on campus had plenty of food options. “I like the variety of cultural foods,” Said Derek Criollo, a junior at La Salle Academy. “They had American, Asian, and Caribbean cuisines. You can even get free breakfast after 12am during finals week!”

The dorms let none of us down with its adequate and cozy style. And of course the Stadium, which everyone loved, represented Stony Brook’s pride and spirit as a school.

“I’m definitely applying here.” Gregory Thompson and Jason Criollo said after the tour was over. After lots of walking around the gigantic campus, we finally got on the bus and headed back to Manhattan. As we drove away, I also thought that this will be a school I’m definitely applying to in September! Go Seawolves!