Our Team

Angela Wyche

Program Director - East Harlem

Brooklyn, NY, University of Vermont – Masters in Education

Tristan Wilson

Program Director - East Harlem

New York, NY, Mercy College – BA in Psychology

Irene Lee

Volunteer Coordinator - East Harlem

Chatum, NY, Eugene Lang College – BA in Writing

Treston Lambert

Program Director - Chelsea II

Queens, NY, Baruch College- BA in Public Affairs

“The greatness of “I Have a Dream” is the opportunity it provides for students to grow and develop along with the program staff and volunteers. The long lasting relationship between the Dreamers and program staff allows for the evolution from an after school program to the creation of a family within each cohort.”

Terrence Stokes

Program Director - Chelsea II

New York, NY, Johnson and Wales University – AA in Sociology & BA in Marketing

“I want my Dreamers to be positive, happy, and successful members of the community.”

Karlisle Honore

Director of College Success

Long Island, New York, Hunter College – BA in Urban Affairs

“My time at the I Have a Dream Foundation has been both an experience and an education.”

Sierra Spechler

Manager of Career Programs

Mountaindale, NY, Syracuse University – BA in Anthropology

“The cornerstone of our program is that we build profound, long-term relationships with students and with that comes the great gift of both witnessing and playing a role in their self actualization process”

Julia McClure

Americorp Intern

Waldoboro, Maine, St. Anselm College – BA in Philospohy

“People tend to believe that working toward heightening student achievment is difficult but i disagree. All I need to do is remind people of what they have been capable of all along.”

Matthew Wright

Interim Executive Director

Boston, Massachusetts, NYU Grad – BA in Social Work & Political Science

“I have never been involved with an organization that has this kind of bond to the students, staff, families, and communities. It is an honor to help our Dreamers on their path, it’s also very rewarding seeing them grow into our leaders of tomorrow.”

Bonnie Blankenship

Director of Development

Rootstown, Ohio, Kent State University – BA in Music

“I am grateful to be part of the team that is working to achieve Dr. King’s Dream for education equity and Eugene Lang’s vision for all children in New York to have an equal chance to graduate from college and succeed.”

Anthony Ron

Digital Media Manager

Chelsea I Dreamer Alum, New York, John Jay College- BA in Public Administration

“The ‘I Have a Dream’ Foundation has always played a huge role in my life. As a Dreamer, I know what it’s like to be raised with the support the program has given. I know what kind of support is needed for the future. It’s essential for continued support leading into the digital age. As the world get’s smaller, and more people are connected through social networks and the internet, our efforts need to also change with the times.”