The Need

51% of students in U.S.
public schools—that’s 
25 million—are low-income.

Only 9% of low-income
 students earn a Bachelor’s 
degree—compared to 77% 
of their high-income peers.

While the college graduation rate for high income students has nearly doubled in the past 40 years, the graduation rate for low income students has stagnated.

Our Dreamers

Most Dreamers are 
the first in their families to 
graduate college—77% do 
not have a parent or guardian
 with a 4 year degree.

Dreamers have consistent and long-term relationships that support their college and career aspirations and have access to social capital resources such as mentors and potential employers.

The majority of 
Dreamers come from
 low-income families,
 with 91% qualifying for 
free or reduced lunch.

The Impact

90% of Dreamers 
complete high school,
 compared to 74% of 
low-income students 
Dreamers are 3x more 
likely to earn a bachelor’s 
degree than their 
low-income peers.

College graduates
 earn, on average, 
an additional $1 Million 
in lifetime earnings.

Don’t just take our word for it… hear it from Dreamers!

  • "'I Have a Dream' and it's staff have been around for me for more than half of my lifetime and have had an integral role in molding me into who I am and who I wish to be."