A Message From Our Office of Post Secondary Success

The mission of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation – New York is to empower youth living in low-income communities by providing a program of academic, social, and emotional support from childhood through career, while guaranteeing tuition assistance for higher education.

Program members, or “Dreamers”, are engaged in “I Have A Dream” programming for an average of over 10 years from elementary school through high school graduation. As members of the program, Dreamers receive year-round academic and social support from elementary school through high school. These services are provided through school year and summer programs, and include tutoring, counseling, case management, field trips, and enrichment workshops. Dreamers work to develop and strengthen academic skills while cultivating interests and skills in the arts, athletics and community service.

The Dreamers’ connection with the “I Have A Dream” – New York is solidified by our incredibly dedicated Program Directors who, with an average staff retention rate of 8-12 years, often stay with the Dreamers for the duration of their program. The long-term nature and in-depth impact of the “I Have A Dream” model leads to strong relationships between students, staff, and stakeholders that often feels truly like a family and reinforces Dreamers’ belief in themselves.

After high school graduation, “I Have A Dream” – New York guarantees tuition assistance for Dreamers who enroll in an accredited post-secondary academic institution.