Give The Gift of Your Time

“I Have A Dream” – NY East Harlem @ PS 7
160 E 120th Street, New York, NY
Age of Students: Middle and High School
Contact: Joy McBride, Program Assistant

“I Have A Dream” – Chelsea III Program
322 8th Ave Suite 200, New York, NY 
Age of Students: Elementary School
Contact: Terrence Stokes, Program Director

Become a Literacy/Math Tutor
We are looking for experienced teachers to support Dreamers who struggle academically through one-on-one tutoring or in pairs during the after school program. Academic enrichment activities will help Dreamers prepare for standardized tests and master their foundational skills.

Time Commitment: At least one hour a week during after school hours from 2:30-5:30pm. Minimum commitment of one semester and ideally for the year.

Become a Mentor to a Dreamer
Our mentoring program utilizes a one-to-one, site-based model, meaning that mentors and mentees meet in a supervised environment at a set time and location and are matched one-to-one for the academic year. The focus of our program is to match youth with trained adult mentors who can guide them in developing better self-esteem and making positive life choices. An application, training and criminal background check, all facilitated by Mentoring USA (MUSA), will be required.

Time Commitment: Biweekly from 3:15pm-5:15pm. Minimum commitment of one year.

College Success & Career Exploration

Central Office: 322 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Fill out our Volunteer Application here!

Subject Tutor
Seeking knowledgeable Writing and Math tutors for undergraduate college students.
Knowledge in any field of college-level Writing or Math oriented disciplines are applicable for this volunteer role. Schedule will be flexible and based on both student and tutor.

We request volunteers have prior experience tutoring at the college level and require a minimum learning level of college student or college graduate.

Informational Interview Networking
Seeking individuals from a variety of fields and careers for our new pilot program.
Volunteers will strategically have their contact be shared with certain Dreamers aspiring to join that field. Those targeted Dreamers can then reach out for an informational interview to expand their network and learn more about careers that interest them.

Location and time commitment is at the discretion of the Dreamer and Volunteer.

Career Roundtable Panelist
Seeking Panelists for our periodic, Career Roundtable events.
Usually centered on a theme, Career Roundtables are intimate events for College-Aged Dreamers to be exposed to various careers and work-life experiences. The format consists of both moderated discussion and student Q & A, followed by networking and refreshments.

Career Roundtables typically take place midweek in our Chelsea offices after work hours (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm).

Workshop Facilitator
Seeking volunteers interested in sharing their expertise in either one or a series of Workshops in any of the following topics: 

    • LinkedIn/Networking
    • Personal Finances/Financial Planning
    • Personal Well Being/Healthy Relationships
    • Housing
    • Something you are knowledgeable in and believe could benefit young people as they transition into the work force.

Corporate Visits
Seeking partners to host a group of College Dreamers in your office for:

    • A tour of your workspace
    • A presentation on what your company does and what jobs are available there
    • An opportunity to network with some employees from your department.

IHDF-NY Work Is Success Internship Program

Central Office: 322 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Contact: Karlisle Honore, Director of College and Career Programs 

Internship Placement
The Work Is Success Internship Program (WISIP) facilitates the placement of Dreamer Scholars at internship opportunities that are directly correlated with their academic pursuits and career ambitions. The goals of the program are to provide first-hand experience in the workplace, create and expand professional social networks, enhance college resumes, and to expand industry knowledge and explore interests. As part of the competitive application process for admittance to WISIP, Dreamer Scholars must submit a resume and cover letter as well as participate in a first round interview before the applicant is referred to our partner organizations and corporations. Before placement, Dreamer Scholars participate in 5 full days of professional development and after placement there is consistent communication throughout the summer to ensure an effective and productive internship experience for all parties. For more information, please visit our WISIP Portal.

Time Commitment: Host 6-8 week internship (approx. 25 hours/week) during Fall, Spring, or Summer.