The “I Have A Dream” Foundation’s first ‘Dreamer Town Hall’

“If you have ideas…if you have a voice, if you would like to have your voice heard, voting is a vehicle for that.”
-Beau Wright, College Dreamer, New York

On Friday, November 4th, the “I Have A Dream” Foundation held our first “Dreamer Town Hall,” a forum for Dreamers (students) to discuss current events and social issues that impact them and their communities.

In this first event, titled “Election Tectonics: Identity, Youth, and the Vote,” a panel of Dreamers from New York and Newark, moderated by Alumni, tackled important issues like why exercising your right to vote is important. In the audience and streaming online, fellow Dreamers and Alumni had the opportunity to join the conversation by asking questions of their peers. In advance, Dreamers throughout the U.S. were prompted to ask a voter (a parent, mentor, or sibling), “Why is exercising your right to vote important”?
Watch the full video of Friday’s Town Hall at the link below, and submit your own short video on why voting is important to you using the hashtag #dreamervote.