Give The Gift of Your Time

“I Have A Dream” – NY East Harlem
@ PS 7 160 E 120th Street, Manhattan

Contact: Irene Lee, Volunteer Coordinator at

Opportunity: Become a Literacy/Math Tutor, Become a Test Preparation Tutor

We are looking for experienced teachers to prepare 5th-8th graders for their NYS tests, and to support Dreamers who struggle academically through one-on-one tutoring or in pairs during the after school program. Academic enrichment activities will help Dreamers master their foundational skills.

Time Commitment: At least one hour a week, to start immediately, with a commitment to one semester and ideally for the year. After school hours are from 2:30-5:30pm.

Opportunity: Become a Mentor to a Dreamer
We are seeking for mentors for our 5th-8th grade Dreamers. Our mentoring program utilizes a one-to-one, site-based model, meaning that mentors and mentees meet in a supervised environment at a set time and location and are matched one-to-one for the academic year. The focus of our program is to match youth with trained adult mentors who can guide them in developing better self-esteem and making positive life choices. An application, training and criminal background check, all facilitated by Mentoring USA (MUSA), will be required.

Time Commitment: Biweekly from 3:15pm-5:15pm at PS 7.

College Success Programming

Central Office: 322 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Contact: Ricardo Mejias, AmeriCorps Program Assistant at

Opportunity: Subject Tutor

We are seeking tutors who have a grasp on college-level subjects, ranging from math to psychology, to work with our first and second year college students.

Time Commitment: Flexible Days/Times; Minimum 1.5 hours per week.

Opportunity: Scholarship Search Assistant

We are in need of dedicated volunteers to assist us in researching relevant scholarship opportunities for our current and prospective college students.

Time Commitment: Flexible Days/Times; As needed.

Career Exploration and the IHDF-NY Work Is Success Internship Program

Central Office: 322 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Contact: Ricardo Mejias, AmeriCorps Program Assistant at

Opportunity: Internship Placement
The Work Is Success Internship Program (WISIP) facilitates the placement of Dreamer Scholars at internship opportunities that are directly correlated with their academic pursuits and career ambitions. The goals of the program are to provide first-hand experience in the workplace, create and expand professional social networks, enhance college resumes, and to expand industry knowledge and explore interests. As part of the competitive application process for admittance to WISIP, Dreamer Scholars must submit a resume and cover letter as well as participate in a first round interview before the applicant is referred to our partner organizations and corporations. Before placement, Dreamer Scholars participate in 5 full days of professional development and after placement there is consistent communication throughout the summer to ensure an effective and productive internship experience for all parties. For more information, please visit our WISIP Portal.

Time Commitment: Host 6-8 week internship (approx. 25 hours/week) during Fall, Spring, or Summer

Opportunity: Career Coach
Our revamped Career Coach initiative is focused on connecting working professionals with our Dreamer Scholar’s for both informal mentorship opportunities and formal, structured events such as Career Roundtables. At a Career Roundtable, you will be able to share how you entered your field of work and grant insight into your area of expertise with Dreamer Scholar’s as they navigate their career path. The possibility exists that events like these will lead to a long-term mentoring relationship.

Time Commitment: Flexible dates.

Opportunity: Host Job-Shadow Day
We are seeking companies and individuals who are willing to host a job-shadow day for Dreamer Scholars to learn more about the employment opportunities in various professional fields. During the day, Dreamer Scholars should be able to observe your individual work, be provided with an independent project, and participate in group meetings. We have found that these experiences are truly eye-opening, educational, and powerful influences as Dreamers form their academic and professional ambitions.

Time Commitment: Flexible Dates. Full 8-hour work-day.

In addition to our valued individual volunteers, we also enjoy working with various groups on projects with the Dreamers including painting murals, gardening, field day activities, chaperoning trips, office visits, job shadow, and internship opportunities.